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Next meeting and available Board Positions



The next Board meeting will be Wednesday February 18, 2015 6pm in the Library @ Dumbarton Elementary. Below are the Board Postions and their  responsibilities  for BGSA please take a look email me for the  position you are interested in.


Positions for BGSA Board and duties

Preside over meetings, go to league meetings and Babe Ruth meetings Responsible for approval of fields through the county for travel ball in coordination of rec ball at beginning of the year (in coordination with the field manager?) and relay the schedule to the concession manager ASAP Email travel ball and rec schedules to executive board and concession manager.

Vice President

All registrations will end up with you and you go through and assign teams according to what coaches each person requested by the deadline imposed. Need to give coaches the contact information of who is on their team.
Secretary Have agenda ready for board meetings with consent of what the president is going to discuss. Take minutes at meetings. Have minutes available from last meeting and board members who were present to be adopted and included with new agenda.


Responsible for accounts receivable and payable for the league.

Concession manager

Schedule teams to cover during games and all tournaments. Direct parents what their duties are for that day. Purchase food. Make sure stand is clean within county guidelines.

Assistant manager

Work under the direction of the concession manager.
Equipment manager Make sure teams have equipment needed (balls, coaches bag, refill first aid kit when requested by coach) Make sure all bags are turned in at the end of spring season and again after fall ball Make sure all equipment is accounted for and turned in at end of season Make sure all coaches have score books and line up cards (coaches to request if run out) Keep the equipment room in order so there’s a spot for everything

Fundraising Director

Find Sponsors
Come up with a fundraiser for each player to sell so the league to make money for spring season

Field Liasion

????? Assign fields for practice Make sure for travel ball tournaments fields are not used for practicing Check county line if fields are closed or not at 3:00 pm if games are scheduled and notify coaches and concession manager ASAP.

Uniform Director

Responsible for ordering uniforms for teams for regular season, all-stars, and fall ball Give coach a deadline and guidelines of what they can order.  Up to each coach their colors for regular season and fall ball.
With board approval of uniform color, etc.  all-star uniforms.  BGSA teams will all look alike which is what it always have been not each coach has their own color.

The Executive Board consists of President Vice President Secretary Treasurer


Royal Cousins Jr





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